The Finest Tableware

Welcome to The Finest Tableware, we are in Melbourne, Australia to provide customers with the most outstanding ceramic and wine glass products, we wish you can enjoy life outside of busy work.

The Finest Tableware

Take the romantic and simple life as a kind of comfort and happiness

The Finest Tableware

The romance of exquisite life starts with the taste of tableware

The Finest Tableware

How can a cozy breakfast and afternoon tea lack a set of elegant coffee cups?

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About Us

Born for exquisiteness

The Finest Tableware has excellent European and Japanese designers, and our processing plants located all over the world are supporting us to help our products from design, manufacturing, to the final delivery to your hands, are all complex and meticulous.

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Customer Reviews

My husband and I went to this daily necessities store in South Yarra. The decoration style is pleasant. The products sold are of high quality and good-looking. We bought several cups and a set of ceramic tableware. Overall, we are really satisfied.
The store’s staff are friendly and the tableware was beautiful, making it a great place to buy birthday gifts. Also, this shop is very close to my home, and I always have the opportunity to go there. Highly recommend!
I have to say that this is my favorite tableware store in Melbourne. Their product design is unique and exquisite, and all the employees are always smiling. I like the shop very much, it is really a ‘gem’.
We have more exquisite products, please visit our physical store!
You'll think it's worth it!

369 Chapel Street, South Yarra, VIC 3141

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